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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    Please update yourself with forum rules and follow those strictly

    1. Posting New Topics

    a. No Double Posts:

    Use the search option before creating a new thread.Do not double post the same thing in multiple sections.

    b. Posts Must Be In ENGLISH:
    Make sure the post should be in English.The only exception is when posting in the "International Chat" forums.

    c. Follow proper thread format

    When announcing a new program on the forum, please follow the proper format or your thread will be deleted without notice and even action can be taken against you.
    Title line should contain the name of the program followed by the URL of the thread.
    While starting a new thread provide all necessary data like click rates in terms of PTC and Investment plans in terms of Investment program.

    d. List Only ONE Program Per Thread:

    Don't start a topic to list multiple programs, these would be impossible to keep organized. Each program belongs in its own separate thread; make sure it hasn't been posted previously. Also, do not post multiple versions of the same URL on a sub-domain, they belong in the same program thread where the main URL is listed.

    2 Referral Links:
    While starting a new thread Referral link is must in following section(Hyip/non-Hyip, Autosurf, GPT, MLM, Cyclers) unless there is no referral program for the site you are introducing
    The only case when referral link cant be use is when a program is introduced by Admin of the program himself who cannot use anyone's referral link.
    Referral link are allowed just in introducing thread post.

    3 Signatures:
    Signature space cant be more than 2 lines with text using a font size 3 or under.You can include maximum of 5 URLs but those URL should be adjusted in 2 lines itself.
    No images or banners are allowed.If anyone interested in having image or banner you need to contact admin as that would cost few $$ as per requirement.

    4 Avatars & Usernames:

    Avatars can not have excessive flashing effects. Avatars & Usernames must be in good taste and they cannot impersonate moneytalkworld admin or moderators or any other member. Determination of appropriateness is at the sole discretion of moneytalkworld Staff.

    5 Hijacking:
    You are not allowed to Hijack any thread by posting referral links apart from first post.
    DO NOT post asking people to contact you, click on your signature, join under you, sponsor you, make you an offer, or anything similar in the program threads.

    6 Spam:

    Do not post spam on the forum or send spam via PM; you will be banned without notice. Do not "bump" threads by making pointless posts just to bring a thread back to the top of the topic index. Short and repetitive posts such as "Thank You","Welcome", "I'm in", or anything similar are considered spam. These posts do not contribute anything to the community and even those harm forum's reputation.
    If you run a monitor site, do not post the payment status of various programs in any of the program threads although you are allowed to post payment proof. Do not post about your monitor service in the program threads, and do not PM the admin about your monitor. This is all considered spam.
    Do not Hire posters through any sort of program as it encourages spam and useless posts, and is not acceptable here .

    7 Copy Paste post:
    We do not allow any sort of copy paste posting at our forum and those copy paste post of own or others members would be counted as spam and action would be taken which can be as strict as getting banned from the forum.

    8 Back to Back replies:
    Members are NOT allowed to make back to back replies within the period - 12 hours.
    (Back to back replies = post continuous without replies from others between.)

    9 Private Messages:
    No advertisements can be send via PM to other members. In case if we found that you would be banned without notice

    10 Multiple Account:

    These is strictly prohibited at moneytalkworld forum and members found guilty in these case would be banned and all there points would be freezes at that moment itself.

    11 Report:

    If you ever notice someone violating the rules, we would greatly appreciate if you would take a few extra seconds and report the problem to the staff.Please don't PM the individual staff members about a problem on the forum, just use the REPORT button.

    a. How to report?
    Making a report is simple an easy. All you need to do is:
    1) Click on the Report button at the bottom right hand corner of the offending post.
    2) Type up a short description on the problem
    3) Click the Submit Report button.
    That's it! You are done, and the staff will handle it from here.

    12 Warning Level-
    We do not tolerate to any spammer / post chasing activities. When we found anyone is breaking forum rules, we will awarded them with "warning level"
    Here is some details about it:
    Each warning level = 40 points deduction when u request payment (Only deduct once)
    100% warning level will straight away lead u to get banned without further notice.
    U can PM admin asking for warning removal. This will only take to consideration when your warning reach 1 month and u don't repeat the same mistake within the period.

    14 Ban

    In case members keeps on violating forum rules on regular basis or opens multiple accounts or violate any rules in serious case like personal attack on other members,etc he would be Banned from the forum without any notice.

    15 No Trolling

    Stating your opinion and trolling are different things. If you are bringing a constant and negative attitude to the forums by continually posting the same repetitive information, we will consider it trolling. Do not spread lies and rumors and if you believe something is a scam or someone is not telling the truth then please post the proof to back up your statement.Members found posting false info or spreading rumors about any program or forum can see some action.

    We expect members to thoroughly read the rules and implement them while posting.If you have read all the rules and even understood those properly you can go ahead with posting work and in case of any doubt feel free to contact staff members for the same.

    16 Daily post limit
    All users can post maximum of 30 post or replies per day with 10 new thread limit
    These is to ensure that members post best quality content with no misuse of trying to flood the forum with spam

    Note-Check these rule periodically as rules would be updated periodically as per requirement.


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    Everyone is requested to strictly follow forum rules.
    Any violation in forum rules will result in severe action.

    Thanks & Regards,
    MTW Admin

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