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    StoqMan -

    I am not owner of this project! Information has been posted here only for discussion! All HYIP projects are risky games, so don't invest what you can't afford to lose.


    More than 5 years on the market. Lending activities in 6 countries of Europe and Asia. Starting 2021 we are entering the online lending market in 3 more European countries.

    Each borrower who applies with an application to the websites,,,, cz.crebox.eugoes through a multi-stage verification system. Including solvency is assessed using AI, using data from the Bureau of Credit Histories over the past 5 years.

    Further, the algorithm estimates the probability of a borrower's default with an accuracy of 97%, minimizing the risk of losing funds to the minimum.

    After passing all the stages of verification, the loan application goes to the exchange, where you have the opportunity without risk and with a guarantee of income to lend funds to a verified borrower.

    In case of non-return of funds by the borrower, the case is transferred to the department for work with problem loans, and the debt to the investor is covered by the exchange at the expense of its own guarantee fund.

    Important! Investments are made in any of the available payment systems. The investor receives the debt repayment and income in the currency of the investment. The borrower receives funds in the required currency. At the same time, the conversion is carried out within the system at the expense of the borrower.

    A lot of investors, both large and small, are ready to invest for a period from 3 days to 12 months, but they are not ready to go to the bank because of the minimum interest rate. For all investors the most important investment parameter is a guarantee of a return on funds with an anticipated income, which should be significantly higher than the rates on bank deposits.

    On the other side there are entrepreneurs and companies with a good credit history who need a quick loan without delay for a period of 2 weeks to 3 months. This market segment is not interesting for the banks but it is interesting for us and our investors.

    To access our platform borrowers go through the approval procedure, however, due to the absence of a typical banking bureaucracy and a high degree of automation of business processes, this takes no more than 2 days. Practice shows that no more than 15% of incoming applications on average receive approval. This guarantees a return of funds to investors and allows us to reduce the risk burden on our company to almost zero.

    Loan applications from companies are accepted on the credihouse.rusite.

    Program Start: 2021-04-25

    Languages: English, Russian

    My deposit: 4036 TRX

    Investment Plans

    (1) Deposit more than $12, earn 0.9%-1.5% daily for 4-21 days and principal back
    (2) Deposit $50-1000, earn 0.8%-1.1% daily for 12-24 days and principal back
    (3) Deposit $500-10000, earn 1.1%-1.9% daily for 30-180 days and principal back

    Payment Options: BTC, Ether, LTC, Ripple, Tron, Tether Omnilayer, Tether ERC-20, Tether TRC-20

    Withdrawal Type: within 12 hours

    Referral Commissions: up to 15-6-5-3-2.5% from profit, up to 5-3-2-1-1% from investment

    Application: Apple, Android

    Official website:

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    Funds withdrawn successfully Date / time 04.05 02:49 Payment system Tron Requisites TCT2XZzAAy96qkzbHRyP9nHiH8h9qmZ9nv Amount 177.60021

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    I have added a total sum inside this project amounting upto $2000
    I have 0.02 Btc and 2 Ltc in the project and got all the 3 loaning system, microloans, small business & development of the company
    This looks like its run by a very professional team and sure to give us wonderful returns in the long run
    I have a big team as well under me and they are happy to find such a positive platform
    I also withdraw my first profits and was paid very quick

    NEW Deposit batch -

    0.02 BTC
    2021-04-27 21:49
    0c8d872221f1a9f593364eba363e3fdc9c51ae7a28267084d8 b8cbdcbac04112

    2 LTC
    2021-05-03 14:13:27 UTC
    c9a57ac183b40f25ee4ae97f8b5a1794d9241499fd54048ea4 1dfc5e4eb01377

    Payment batch -

    0.17601174 LTC
    2021-05-04 16:49:59 UTC
    44579cf255eeeaac4b0c35e4ef2af2bac8d3fa495dcfba267f 09225b3368cdee

    256.689911 TRON
    2021-05-04 22:19:27
    55e499df5a57481214ce2fd388d3f86c0cdef1e8797dff7f7c 007bcd3f48b055

    Playing for supper
    For detailed Review & Updates follow my telegram channel -

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