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Project Start: Oct 19, 2020

About HYIP:

It's difficult to become a rich by playing the stock market without expert help. It doesn't matter if you're really good and get really lucky. It doesn't even matter if you start out with a relatively sizable fortune. Without experience & perfect trading methods it's hard to have great profits. The stock market is good for a lot of things, and investing has a role to play in nearly everyone's financial future. So to have a great financial future is something we strive for here at billtrade.top.
Investment Plans:

200% After 1 Day

Min.Deposit: 10$
Max.Deposit: 10 000$

502% After 3 Days

Min.Deposit: 10$
Max.Deposit: 10 000$

15% Hourly for 10 hours

Min.Deposit: 20$
Max.Deposit: 10 000$

Referral: 15%, 7%, 3%
Withdrawal: Instant

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin

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