I funded the account with low money, usd 35.

Then i used the mt4 platform but did not work. The customer care told me that i can use it only using THEIR platform cause the mt4 requires more money.

So i asked the money back but i cannot withdraw the money, with the same paypal mail, the option was unavaiable.

So i asked the money with another paypal mail, the same account in my name but they requires a payment of 1 usd to verify it.

I funded the account with 1 usd but it wasnt enough, they told me that i have to go
to "manage funds" and make another payment of 1 usd.

I logged in, go to manage funds but there are no option to make this payment.

i tried to withdraw with bank wire and they're still reviewing the statement of my bank from weeks ago...

I now escalate the controversy using paypal.