Decoration Wooden Acoustical Perforated Ceiling for Interior Design

PerforatedAcousticPanels was founded in 2011 and is located in Guangzhou city. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, our company is a professional manufacturer of perforated acoustic panels and perforated wood panels. We have many new equipments which guarantee our high quality products. As a professional manufacturer, we can design any sizes and shapes according to customers' requirements.

Decorative Wood Acoustic Perforated Ceilings for Interior Design
1.Available in many sizes
2.Economic echo reduction solution
3.Fire-resistance(B1 grade)
4.Improve voice intelligibility

Our main business scope is:

Damp Proof Perforated Mgo Acoustic Board Sound Reducing
MDF Wooden Studio Sound Diffusers Ceiling Cheap Acoustic Panel
Recording Studio Decorative Acoustic Beaverboard for Soundproofing
Wooden Perforated MDF Acoustic Panel for Sound Absorption

Our acoustic product and pine wood ceiling have been exported to many countries all over the world such as Algeria, Brazil, Colombia, Tanzania, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, United States, Australia, etc.

PerforatedAcousticPanels has two major lines of products now, including grooved acoustic panels and perforated acoustic panels. These perforated acoustic panels are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and no DMF, and have passed European CE test. Our products can absorb 200% of their own weight and are efficient for 60 days.

Some of our projects are Shenzhen Nanshan Style Center, Hunan Yueyang Sports Center, Yantai Wucai Art Center, Chongqing City Court, Sichuan Southwest University Finance Stadium, Sichuan Hanyuan Convention Center, and so on.
Website: https://www.perforatedacousticpanels...d-wood-panels/