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    Quote Originally Posted by pipmtw View Post
    My expirience with FXpro was negative.In the middle of the last year I opened an account with them puted some money in and start trading, First, I got lots of reqouts on my trades some of my good profit went into a loss by having 3 to 5 reqout per trade, while I was having super fast internet and a good computer, I kept 5 pips deviation in order to get some profit and dispite that in 1 mohth I triple my account; then send request to withdraw my profit . That was when trobles began, the deposit was made by debit card, they asked to send a copy of debit card and the statement with a charge in 1 month. They decline agan because couldn't put all the mohey on the card. I requested withdraw by wire and about a week later they decline agan; they wanted to see bank statements for 2 month with my name adress etc...
    To make long story short, 2 month later they had all my information, but I still didnt get my money. They wasnt going to respond and kept dragging more time. Finally, I got very tired of all of this, and one nite bought few large positions against market and brought my acc. balance to zero and closed account.It was it with FXpro
    Those guys are crooks and shouldn't be in this business, they not interesting for people to make and withdraw their money; I dont think anybody have a problem to deposit funds, they didnt ask about cc. copy. It was waste of time for me and I wish I new this web site before opening an account with them.
    Thank you for sharing about FXpro, so it can be our consideration. From the negative experiences of brokers, it can be our experience to be careful in choosing a broker.

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    Some brokers have done that to me. I started trading by depositing in their broker and made a lot of profit but whenever I went to withdraw the profit, they showed me various excuses. Thus many of my deposits have been lost. But it is not a problem to remember that where it is good there is also bad. If you have good knowledge of your trading, you can always make a profit.

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    In general, in case of any such situations with a broker, I immediately try to change the company with which I work. For example, the last broker I work with was Amarkets. The company offers low spreads, a small deposit amount and a quick withdrawal. I am quite pleased with my choice.

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    Unfortunately, now examples of fraud by brokers are becoming more common. I just try to choose a company to work more carefully and check the quality of work on small amounts.

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