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  3. Touch – Bringing the “SOCIAL” Touch back to Social Media! (Airdrop)
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  10. Travelling now a possibility through over 40 Cryptocurrencies
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  13. [ANN][1 YEAR+ AIRDROP PROGRAM] Metacash[META] - Community PoS Cryptocurrency
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  15. RimeCoin - Worlds Biggest Data Collection Platform
  16. [bounty] 💰💰 $500,000 💰💰 own a hard asset gold backed currency - v.e.i.a.g
  17. [ICO] NEW:BlocSide Sports - Changing the Future of Football through Blockchain
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  19. [ BOUNTY BONUS] KUENDE - Get Your Free ATOM And Extra SRN, BNT, CVC Or STX
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  24. BTCMagician: Platform For Wise Crypto Investment
  25. Nuls: Providing Multiple Blockchain Solutions
  26. GBMS Cybersecurity solution – The future of cybersecurity
  27. Excellent Marketing: Creating Lifetime Opportunities For Homeless Kids
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  31. Pal network scam so be careful
  32. [ANN][TGE] Jarvis - Hybrid Multi-Asset Exchange | Token with Revenue
  33. The opportunity to tap the untapped potentials of the cryptocurrency Industry
  34. Launching Ceremony for mit messenger and Philippines International Crypto Exchange “B
  35. Bitcoin for Christmas? A lifechanging gift says Anthony Pompliano
  36. [ANN]POS+MN PAYCORE - Global Solution for all Money Transactions
  37. Emporium - revolutionizing the venture capital industry
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  40. Crypto Monsoon - a viable platform for advertisers!
  41. New Airdrop: Coinxes
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  43. SoundMoneyCoin: Secure Store of Value
  44. [ANN][PAS] No ICO No Pre-Mine Mineable Token Payment Gateway on Blockchain
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  46. [ANN]POS+MN SMM Coin - New Way of Social Media Marketing Promo
  47. Chelle Coin: Cryptocurrency Meets Real Estate
  48. [ANN] [POS/MN] [DEQ] Dequant - Quantum-Computer
  49. [ANN][ICO] TOR-X Network-Ecosystem for Decentralized Cross-chain Exchange
  50. Virtonomi: Unleashing the power of blockchain technology in advertisement
  51. Mtstation: the Future of Sports Betting
  52. Zolango – Reestablishing the original purpose of Bitcoin
  53. Million dollar crypto site – sure way to realize your dream
  54. Alpha – X: The Ultimate End-to-End Solution to e-Commerce
  55. 💰💰💰 Bithumb Global F1ZZ Airdrop Event 💰💰💰
  56. RealKoyn – The new dimension for doing Crypto Investments!
  57. Why BitcoinBlink Is The Best Crypto Exchange Platform To Work With.
  58. Learn The Technique Of Crypto Trading With Cryptowzrd
  59. Why You Should Invest In Pyrrhos Gold
  60. Coronavirus 2020 - Financial Market Crisis Deciphered
  61. HEX Could Make You Richer Than Bitcoin Owners
  62. How Seaquake Offers Stability and Trade Execution SolutionsOne big problem that inves