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  1. Looking for solid ROI? Look inside!
  2. Zennies; Marrying Online Payments And Security
  3. [ICO LIVE] StakeIt Token (STAKE) - Community-driven Investment Token
  4. The FIRST blockchain-based global online platform for nutrition!
  5. CamX – The revolutionary project for video-chat webcast (livecam)!
  6. Easy to use but offers limitless opportunities
  7. How Investing In USI-Tech Will Give You Secure Financial Future
  8. Solareum – The future of opportunities!
  9. Do More With Akrocoin
  10. CORVUS Coin – The Presale active now! 10th-14th December 2017!
  11. Healthureum - Revolutionize Global Healthcare Standards Unveiled
  12. GOJI Tree – The Global Solution! (Bounty Program and Airdrop campaign also active!)
  13. Bitloanex – The route towards your Financial Freedom!
  14. Participate In A More Fairer Global Economy
  15. Coinzai - The NEXT BIG THING!
  16. Duecoin: Why You Need To Adopt It
  17. BiTTo - The FIRST Innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform!
  18. HedgeConnect – The world’s FIRST Hedgefund for Lending Platform and ICOs!
  19. HighRewardCoin – The gateway for the unlimited opportunities!
  20. KuCoin - The Rare Exchange with it's OWN Coin "KCS" KuCoinShares!
  21. AlphaCoin - The FIRST Guaranteed Profit Trading Platform!
  22. Recereum – The gateway to the safer, healthier and cleaner world!
  23. Cryptoneum – The next generation’s lending platform!
  24. PIF – The new home of charity!
  25. Trentcoin – The future Trend of Real Estate Transactions!
  26. Antminecloud – The ultimate way of efficient and safe Bitcoin cloud mining!
  27. What Daily Cryptocurrency Summary Is All About
  28. Kruptocoin – The advanced decentralized crypto with easy to convert to USD
  29. PinkDate – The FIRST and RARE worldwide escorting service with a complete system in a
  30. Beetoom - First trading environment that exclusively uses Bitcoin!
  31. AeroKing – The Future of Traveling!
  32. Participate In The Invacio ICO To Make Money
  33. Token Sale for Coins4Favors begin!
  34. Xtrade – The NEW route for Cryptocurrency traders!
  35. Ufan8 – The soul of your life!
  36. XinFin – The 1st Hybrid Blockchain network!
  37. Lumberscout – The future of Forest Product Industry!
  38. Ethereum Funding Token Fits Forbes' Criteria AND gives Generous 100% Bonus Tokens!
  39. XRPC – The Arbitrage Expert!
  40. Orbeum – The All-in-one next generation digital video sharing platform!
  41. Get Access To Innovative and Effective Advertising Formats
  42. Here’s What XinFin’s XDC Tokens Are Used for
  43. Here’s How The Big Balls Token’s ICO Will Be Distributed
  44. See Here To Give Live Weekly Update To Your Client
  45. TheCoffeeToken – The biggest addition to the Coffee industry!
  46. Information About Lavenir Token Sale
  47. [ANN][ICO] CryptoHawk The world's first all-one-solution for cryptocurrencies
  48. Here Are The Benefits Of QYK to Bar
  49. FolleX™ – Making your trade like an expert! (Bounty campaign active)
  50. CoinSwitch – The HIGHEST RATED Cryptocurrency Exchange platform!
  51. IRIS – The Future Of Health through Blockchain!
  52. Litecoin Cash: A Faster way Of Transaction
  53. Dragon is the world’s first game changing Utility Entertainment token
  54. GMTCoin - Say Hello to the Future of Crypto (Most Anticipated ICO of 2018)
  55. BlockPix – Revolutionary platform for artistic creators in Music, Films & more!
  56. Only a Few days left of the Moonlite ICO
  57. Presiam – The Official Facebook Killer! (Airdrop available)
  58. Advertise On The Vivid Platform
  59. Earn Daily Interest On CryptoLux Storage
  60. CryptoTab - Bringing you Bitcoins
  61. HTLCoin – The FIRST Booking System in Crypto World!
  62. Looking for ease of hiring private drivers?
  63. Checkitsreal – The Mission to save humanity!
  64. MatrixPays – Now convert Cryptocurrencies into USD/EUR/GBP!
  65. CDT - The all in one solution for Crypto traders!
  66. Bidium - The ONLY ICO with GUARANTEED PROFITS!
  67. OFNOG – The ultimate solution to simplify cryptocurrency trading!
  68. Repo Coin – The ONLY Coin you CAN NOT BUY!
  69. How to Buy WRC Tokens?
  70. [ANN] SHECOIN – The future of Digital Cash!
  71. [ANN] [ICO] XefoCoin – Next Evolution in Digital Currency!
  72. Here’s how ABEERIDE will allocate the Revenue from Token Sale
  73. Cryptoleak – New Address for detail to attention for Crypto world!
  74. FreshForex Bitcoin Drive
  75. TowerBee – The ultimate need of everyday business! (Bounty Campaign active)
  76. BolttCoin – Making you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! (Airdrop $50000 worth)
  77. U-VID'IFY - The World's FIRST Video Based Classified Market! (Bounty Available)
  78. Tavitt – The ultimate travel guide!
  79. How To Trade Bitcoin with Tenkofx
  80. Invictus Hyperion Fund: What It Is About
  81. Tradesatoshi Exchange – The NEW home of traders!
  82. [ANN] [ICO} Orioncoin – Stake your Crypto to the Stars!
  83. [ANN][ICO] First Crypto ETF with an ICO based on innovative technology
  84. Crypto Key Stack – The ultimate way of storing multiple keys in 1 device!
  85. CryptoCurrency News - Tenkofx.com
  86. CryptoHopper – The much needed breakthrough for beginners!
  87. Crypto Potluck – Trader’s Heaven
  88. [ann][intro] 🌐 veiag is the first real hard asset backed token ✅ going live ✅
  89. Crypto Hou – The creation of the year for beginners!
  90. [AIRDROP] 🚀 💰 $500,000 VEIAG Airdrop 💰 $50 per approved applicant! 🚀
  91. [ANN] - First Bitcoin Doubler that really works cryptodoubler.io
  92. Get Rewarded In The Same Tokens You Hold
  93. Here’s What Pinkdate Is All About
  94. Blockweather – The smartest choice for investors!
  95. Crypto traders to get more pairs as HitBTC lists Duecoin
  96. [Airdrop] [Mundo Token] – The largest Multi-Token Airdrop in history!
  97. [ANN][ICO] eCharge.work - the FIRST alternative system for recharging of electric car
  98. [ANN][ICO] SuchApp – the FIRST 5G Blockchain Enabled Messaging App!
  99. Aclaró – The Key to transparency in business!
  100. [ANN][ICO] Netterium - The world's FIRST Influencer Marketing Platform!
  101. How to win at BitZonk?
  102. Aclaró – Unlocking the real potential of your business!
  103. [ANN][ICO]🔥🔥Crest Token🔥🔥 - DigiAd Platform that pays Daily Passive Income
  104. [ANN][ICO] Mobile Mining ⚡⚡⚡ Mining Cryptocurrencies through unused energy ⚡⚡⚡
  105. AdBlast & AlterNet - The Simplest Route To Online Earning!
  106. HydroMiner – The FIRST security token within the European Union.
  107. Wondering whether the BTC Global Team is a scam?
  108. Singularity-X launches live trading!
  109. UniGame’s New Sports Prediction Platform is Ready for Russia 2018
  110. Cyronium – The RARE Gold Backed Crypto!
  111. CryptoXcelr: What Members Stand To Gain?
  112. BRIC INVEST and Aimedis – The Combination of astonishing structure.
  113. [ANN][ICO] 🔥🔥🔥 LiTeum 🔥🔥🔥 – ⭐ Blockchain & AI powered e-Commerce solution ⭐
  114. [ANN](ICO) – Mediex – Hacking Evolution
  115. [ANN](NO ICO) Lonero - The Future of Digital Cash
  116. Seed Capitals – The seed of your success
  117. cryptotab - Free Legit and Paying Mining browser/add-ons
  118. BEST RATES => Bitcoin - CryptoCurrencies - Gift Cards - Online Payment Processors
  119. Features Of The Tokenaire Platform
  120. There is nothing like volatility on the Arbitao platform. Enjoy stable profits consta
  121. KevCoin – The World’s FIRST Crypto Feature Film!
  122. Best way to trade Cryptocurrencies!
  123. HORAE — Open A New Era of Token Investment
  124. AsiaCryptoToday – the idea connection for Crypto traders!
  125. LiquidTrade - CrowdSale And Bounty Offer!
  126. Press Release: BitRabbit Lists MITH - (5000 MITH Giveaway)
  127. NetCurrencyIndex Worlds FIRST Cryptocurrency Index from all kind of Marketstages
  128. DNAtix – The Future Of Genetics Is Here
  129. MoreStampsGlobal - Traveling is made EASIER via Cryptocurrency!
  130. AdCoin – Cryptocurrency for online advertisement
  131. The Benefits of Using the Oodlebit Cryptocurrency Platform
  132. [ANN][ICO] 🔥 🔥 🔥 Bitzon #1 Crypto Marketplace! 🔥 🔥 🔥
  133. [ANN][ICO] Bitcoin Mega - The Solution for Cryptocurrencies ICO startup business
  134. [ANN][MASTERNODE][PRESALE] - QUANTLAB - Reforming Masternode Ecosystem
  135. [ANN] [Scrypt]LABH COIN-Unique HIGH POS Coin [1000% TO 10000% APR]
  136. Peach-Tree Invest - The safest investment opportunity!
  137. Level01 - The FUTURE platform for traders of ALL Types!
  138. Winnest - The story of spectacular features!
  139. [ANN][ICO] 🔥🔥🔥 Knoks 🔥🔥🔥 A Dedicated Platform For Crypto Signals
  140. [ANN] [Pre-Sale] HubrisOne - Cryptocurrency & Fiat Banking - STO
  141. Fellowhale – The simplest way to make MONEY! (Game based on EOS Blockchain)
  142. [ANN][M2D] MÖBIUS 2D - The Future Of Decentralized Gaming
  143. [ANN][ACH][ICO]AceD Cash Investment Platform Fixed Dividends Reinvest Referrals
  144. [ICO][DASHX] The Future of Blockchain Digital Cryptocurrency - [POW/POS]
  145. 5 Minutes that could redefine your life FOREVER! - Kinesis Monetary System
  146. [ANN][ICO] Poins Platform ⭐⭐⭐ Three Platform One Coin! ⭐⭐⭐
  147. Convert research into innovation with Connecty.io!
  148. [ANN] Bitcoin Stash - Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork - Coming November 2018
  149. NetCurrencyIndex - Presale for Worlds 1st Index ETF + Coin opens on 26th October
  150. Crypto Price predictions for 2018 and 2018
  151. Coinxes - P2P Exchange, that empowers the Buyers/Sellers!
  152. [ANN][ICO] SMIGG Coin - World's FIRST Innovative Blockchain Based Search Engine
  153. Free airdrop
  154. Gian-Carlo Collenberg and Ramon Simon notorious scammers
  155. [ANN] [Pre-Sale] [GLPM] [PoS + Masternodes] Decentralized Blogging Platform
  156. [ANN][ICO] DéMars - Mobile Banking Network 🔥 A novel network design & protocol
  157. [ANN][ICO] ChelleCoin - The Real Estate Platform
  158. The home of earning from Affiliate Program!
  159. RAISEX ⭐⭐⭐ The Crypto Exchange ⭐⭐⭐ 10k Satoshi BTC available for FREE on Signup!
  161. Bitcoin
  162. [ANN] [ICO] Corld's Cedium - Welcome to the Future of Social Networking
  164. Ohio is the first state to accepts Bitcoins as tax payments
  165. [ANN][FREE AIRDROP] POOL one of the biggest free AIRDROPS
  166. Bitcoin for Christmas? A lifechanging gift says Anthony Pompliano
  167. [ANN][FREE AIRDROP] POOL one of the biggest free AIRDROPS
  168. [ANN][FREE AIRDROP] POOL one of the biggest free AIRDROPS ever done!
  169. Use a cryptocurrency
  170. POOL Airdrop
  171. The Dutch Central Bank will regulate companies using crypto coins
  172. The BEST Bitcoin wallet?
  173. SEC: The lack of market surveillance is an obstacle to Bitcoin ETFs
  174. [ANN][ICO] TerraGreen – Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform
  175. TakiCoin - offering comprehensive solutions based on blockchain technology
  176. [ANN][FREE AIRDROP] POOL one of the biggest free AIRDROPS
  177. [ANN] [POS/MN] IEX - Internal exchange Coin - Quiet Start
  178. [ANN][FREE AIRDROP] POOL one of the biggest free AIRDROPS
  179. Best Crypto trading bot?
  180. European Banking Authority urges for a pan European regulation of the crypto market
  181. At least 40 000 ETC stolen from Gate io
  182. Myicopad: Taking Initial Coin Offering to the Next Level
  183. [ANN][ICO] AIXEUS - AI + Elastic Blockchain + Qntm-prf Holog. Avatars
  184. Coinsquare: The Digital Asset Trading Platform with a Difference
  185. [ANN][ICO][ZYN] The Cryptocurrency of Reference in Africa, the ZYNECOIN
  186. [ANN] [BGX] BitcoinGenX || Zerocoin & Green Protocol || PoS/MN || 5M MAX SUPPLY
  187. [ANN]Catex.io-Transaction Mining Exchange-105%Trans-Mining Fees Returned
  188. HYIP Script | Best HYIP script software | Buy EC HYIP Manager Script
  189. [ANN][ICO] MNEX Platform Future of P2P Trading
  190. Court gives Canadian crypto exchange 30 days to pay customers 190 mln USD
  191. Btconlineinvestment - Investment of the future!
  192. US Pension Funds invest in crypto assets for the first time
  193. Why hyip members are not too interested with crypto
  194. Cryptobet - 100% Bitcoin-based Casino!
  195. Liracoin - BIGGEST Cryptocurrency of the future!
  196. Make The Massive Profit At The Low Investment
  197. Playerbitcoin - Prediction Gaming!
  198. BTC-Upgrade - The RARE legitimate opportunity!
  199. Kraken is offering $100,000 for tips about the missing $190 mln Quadriga investments
  200. Australian authorities shut down two crypto exchanges on criminal charges
  201. OneCoin founders accused of running a financial pyramid for billions of dollars
  202. Canada regulators planning crypto exchange rules
  203. Invitation to Crypto Boot Camp Workshop - 4th & 5th May 2019
  204. Report: Most crypto trade volume is suspicious
  205. [ANN] 🔥 Maya Preferred 223 🔥 (Gold & Silver backed) - Trading LIVE at $2,500!
  206. Quanta Networks - Secure Blockchain Compliant Telecom
  207. [ANN][ICO] ✅ Bit-Paradise ✅ Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game
  208. Singapore arrests two in connection to the OneCoin pyramid
  209. Teacher Coin – Incentivizing Teachers to Build the Next Generation
  210. NetCurrencyIndex – IEO at P2PB2B Exchange on 15th August 2019
  211. How OKGlobal Coin Switch is Changing the Face of the Service Industry
  212. iCod: Absolute Online Security Guaranteed
  213. Free Litecoin (app) - win 100,000 litoshi every hour
  214. Zetanet – Blockchain 5.0 For Internet 2.0
  215. BitMEX’s PR Agency Pounce on Angelina Kwan Speculation
  216. Chartoken – The Investment Direction with FREE 500 CHAR TOKEN
  217. Genesis Engineering: Providing B2B Software Solution
  218. AVALO: The Making Money Opportunity Through Electricity
  219. $HBAR the Native Currency of Hedera Hashgraph’s Next Gen Blockchain Available on OKEx
  220. CSDEX: Trade and Earn like a Pro
  221. Trade Cryptos On The Secure CoinZoom Platform
  222. How Orelex Is Revolutionizing The Financial service Industry
  223. How Templar Fund Is Revolutionizing The Market Making Business
  224. What Is Going On With Binance And Their Questionable Token Burn?
  225. [ANN] [MN/PoS] Midas.Investments - The Most Convenient MasterNode Ecosystem
  226. BQ Intel – Pooling a Team of Specialized Research Analysts
  227. [ANN] Cryptocurrency (CCY) Insurance Platform for Investors
  228. [IEO] Coming Soon on Cryptoknowmics.io
  229. [ANN] ESAX TECHNOLOGIES Payment Systems & Loan & Exchange (IEO LISTED P2PB2B)
  230. [ANN] Tachyon Protocol|50 Million Users |Co-launched by V SYSTEMS & X-VPN
  231. Boosted Pro – A new sunshine in the Crypto world!
  232. [ANN] BuyAnyLight (BAL Token) Light Sourcing, Reinvented
  233. ASGCoin – The Design of the Future
  234. How Exerglobal Is Transforming The Online Gaming Industry
  235. [ANN][IEO] RIDENODE | The First American Ride and Transporation Blockchain
  236. Dissecting Bitcoin’s Death Crosses from the past: BTC could mirror 2015 setup
  237. 247 Bids: A Cryptocurrency-Backed Bidding Site (First of its kind)
  238. Free Crypto
  239. OKGLOBAL COIN SWITCH – The Game Changer In The Service Industry
  240. Free Crypto
  241. [ANN] Karuschain - Responsible Precious Metal Mining
  242. [ANN][STO] KABN - Financial Services that start with Blockchain Identity
  243. How B-cube.ai Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Revolutionize Cryptoecosystem
  244. [ANN] The AMZ Coin ICO goal is to support several projects!
  245. [ANN][IEO] AFO - All for One Business
  246. Why You Should Invest In the Gaming Industry
  247. [ANN] SmartMixer.io | Crypto Mixer | Be Smart, Be Anonymous
  248. [ANN] KNL - New Exchange for Farmers
  249. How Ride Node Is Transforming The Ride Hailing Industry
  250. [ANN] MTCore - Welcome to the Democratic Cryptocurrency